About The Project

The Prometheus Project is about empowering United States citizens with the freedom to do 5 key things that we believe are vital to a successful life.

  1. Have a say in what happens with our country.
  2. Be able to afford adequate healthcare.
  3. Enjoy safe and reliable transportation.
  4. Enter the workforce prepared after schooling.
  5. Receive fair justice at the hand of the state.

While all 5 are vital, #1 is our key priority. The elected have shown they cannot be trusted with our nation's prosperity: a mountain of debt, civil unrest, and unprecedented economic turmoil are just a few examples of how poor leadership have significantly damaged this country – and by extension, nearly all of our lives.

It is time to take this country back!

The Prometheus Project does not favor one side or the other – it simply proposes sensible changes to the way we are governed and govern ourselves.

It keeps a republic, but ensures that our elected officials must accurately represent the people.

We need politicians - for better or worse - because a direct democracy might be dangerous if a simple majority rules (learn about why in the detailed version of A Democratic Voting System).

However, we must not stay silent and powerless when the government is this far broken.

We must fight. We must change. We must win.

That's what the Prometheus Project is about.

All it takes is YOUR SUPPORT to make this happen.

Let's get this done.