Become a Promethean

Interested in becoming a Promethean?

Promethean Politics welcomes all progress-oriented individuals to join our ranks. We ask that you learn our values before joining and spread the message whenever possible.

You can help the movement by donating time, money, or resources however you can.

The Prometheus Project is working toward becoming a registered nonprofit. Like everything with our government, it's a ridiculous process. We need your support to move this forward! Be one of the first to make the difference.

Contributing Money

We rely on donations large and small to pay for things like office space, media advertising, and basic operations.

Contributing Time

We need community organizers, service providers, and volunteers to coordinate efforts in working towards a better future.

Contributing Resources

Are you able to contribute something beyond time and money? Let us know what resources you can contribute to further progress!

Venues, food services, equipment, and virtually anything else you can think of helps us use limited resources much more effectively. Please let us know the exact nature and use conditions of the resources you are contributing.

Join the Promethean Party

The Promethean Party is a hopeful political party in The United States. In order to become an official party, we need support in all 50 states. Only 2 national parties currently exist in all 50 states. Joining the Promethean Party is a good way to see that number increase to 3.

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