Promethean Values

Our ideals are what define us – our values are what empower change. Prometheans encourage open discussion, seek fairness in everyday life, and promote progressive policies in government.

Value #1 Everyones' vote matters.

Whether you agree or disagree with a position, everyones vote is essential to a proper democracy. Freedom of speech is important, so we ask everyone to conduct themselves civilly when discussing political topics.

Value #2 Integrity matters.

In all things be truthful. Use verifiable facts, not misinformation. Never intentionally mislead someone or use logical fallacies to deliver your point.

Value #3 Differences matter.

Be willing to listen to others – there are likely sound points in their argument. Every action has a positive and negative to it. The best option is often a blend.

Value #4 People matter.

We are all human. We all have our flaws. We all deserve to be treated with decency. In all interactions, represent the best in humanity.

Value #5 The method matters.

This is a peaceful endeavour. While civil disobedience may be necessary, violence is not the Promethean way to create change.

We encourage you to share the message and join the party if you like what we are doing!

If you can donate time, money, or resources we would be very grateful.