Be The Difference – Make a Donation

This project relies on individuals working together to make an impact. While direct participation is great, making donations is the fastest way to see this happen.

There are more ways you can help!

Contributing Time

We need community organizers, service providers, and volunteers to coordinate efforts in working towards a better future.

Community Organizers

Community Organizers are a huge part of most successful changes in society. We're looking for reliable, responsible people to guide the frontline in every state.

If you have a positive track record for organization and bringing people together for a common cause, we'd love to speak with you!

Reach out to our program manager.

Professional Service Providers

Do you have a refined skillset? Special talent? We're always ready to greet new professionals with a passion for making things happen!

We currently need lawyers, video editors, and graphic designers more than anything – but these needs are consistently changing.

Volunteer your services so we're prepared when we need you!

Share your talent.


Volunteers are great. Versatile and ready for action, volunteers are the muscle of any strong social movement.

If you'd like to be notified when events go down, send us your contact information. All you have to do is be a team player, working with organizers and other volunteers to make positive change happen.

Sign up to Volunteer

Contributing Resources

Are you able to contribute something beyond time and money? Let us know what resources you can contribute to further progress!

Venues, food services, equipment, and virtually anything else you can think of helps us use limited resources much more effectively. Please let us know the exact nature and use conditions of the resources you are contributing.