Better Infrastructure

Do you know what the single-most important attribute of all successful societies have in common? To safely get people and objects from point A to point B.

Infrastructure is crucially important to our nation, second only to the ability to protect it. Better infrastructure means a brighter future: more trade, faster transport times, wider availability, and a whole lot more.

How can we improve transportation?

Aside from the obvious better roads and safer bridges, America can invest in new methods of shipping by land, sea, and air. Roads can be patched more easily, break less often, handle increased weight and traffic, and be safer for everyone on them. Bridges NEED repair. Collapses mean potential deaths and certain catastrophies. They are the only way for things to get across inhospitable terrain by land. They're vital. Public transport reduces the harmful effects of pollution, offers a cheaper, more reliable mode of transit for many in cities, and can be significantly faster than personal vehicles. Much of the rest of the world has this, why not US?

Improving transportation is a massive undertaking that will span decades. It's an ongoing process just like it always was. Below are a few of the ways Prometheus Project suggest improving America's infrastructure.

High-Speed Rail

High-speed rail allows people to travel much faster than cars (around 4.5x as fast)! While expensive to build, implementing this technology in populated, regularly traveled areas comes with a lot of benefits - to the people in that area and beyond.

Supersonic Planes

Most planes are subsonic, or travel slower than the speed of sound. A breakthrough in technology would mean we could exceed it for passenger and cargo planes, resulting in 2-3x faster travel by air. 5-hour flights could take less than 2. All we have to do is try.

Underground Tubes

A series of underground (or possibly above-ground) tubes could make sending and receiving goods a lot faster! It bypasses the slowness of roads and is much more affordable than by air. Nationwide service with 5 central hubs takes our Post Offices to the 21st century!

American Vehicles

Quality, affordable vehicles produced here in the US. Sold at near-cost, the isn't about scoring record profit: it's about ensuring citizens of The United States can get to work, the doctor, grocery stores; wherever they need to go.

Delivery Drones

While this technology largely falls to the hands of private industry, America should at least explore the benefits of automated transport. It could be too early, but once advancements are made and the cost goes down, deliveries by drone could save thousands of dollars.

Please keep in mind these are simply ideas; suggestions to explore, not policy decisions by our organization. We are not committed to seeing everything on this list come to reality, only that the government takes better care of its' citizens by using your existing tax-dollars more wisely.

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