An Open Letter to Democrats

I strongly dislike “political parties”. Having just two results in consistently losing on multiple fronts. Little ever gets done. In-fighting is rampant. The DNC (Democratic National Party) leaves the party undone.

It isn’t entirely the DNC’s fault. They’re simply decision-makers that play a role in dies already cast. Diversity is the greatest strength, and weakness, of the Democratic Party. It’s what’s great about it – and why even when this party’s in power, little is done.

We blame Republicans (and I say “we” simply because if I have to pick a side, I choose the one that obliges debate instead of “towing the party line”). We blame Republicans, a split senate, a president, the house of representatives, we blame any and every thing possible except for ourselves – and the inherent flaws that come with democratization in a republican nation. We do not have a democracy – we have a democratic republic.

So it is no wonder how little gets done. We fight amongst ourselves and ignore the threat that ideals only matter when we have the power to make them happen. Even with majority – senate, house, president, court – not a lot happened. We are effectively neutered by a two-party system that ‘allows for more’, but exists only in one party – and the disadvantaged party at that.

We live in a republic. We cannot effectively change unless we effectively change our government. We need democracy to alter the status quo, and we’ll have a hard time doing anything so long as our party’s splintered up while the other runs amok.

So I ask you to join me in altering the system to create a more democratic government. I want to change the status quo, not by destroying it, but by allowing ideals of freedom to be more firmly planted in our makeup. To create a fully democratic branch of government that allows both parties, that is all citizens, to be able to vote for change (and vote the way they truly feel about things). No more party lines. No more fractured government. Simply ideals with equal power to rear to reality. A government that works for the people, because it is truly by them. No more splinter cells, bickering, or undeveloped change – simply democracy at work – the way it was intended when the founders first rapped paper to pen.

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